Using Email to promote Social Media

Do you get a lot of followers and interactions on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social sites? Or do you think your company’s social media posts are sinking without a trace?

It can be tricky To promote your social media channel To your existing online audience. Your website may have social media icons – but busy visitors don’t necessarily notice them. So how do you get more social media followers?

A great way is to use your email list. Let’s take a look at why and how.

Why use email to promote your social media channel?

When you send an email to your list, you (hopefully!) Will have a clear call to action there. Understandably, many marketers use their Call to Action to push the possibility of a purchase – or to encourage existing customers to make a new purchase.

But there will be some people in your email list who are not ready to buy yet They can read your emails for great information, useful tips or even your funny GIFs. But when you promote a product or service, they simply tune in to your message.

Promote your social media channel Lets you pull those people a little closer. If they start following you on a social network, they will get to know your brand better. They’ll see a variety of content (perhaps nice reviews that you retweet or photos of funny customers of your products that you share) and it will take them further with your sales funnel.

Promoting your social media channels should not diminish your sales opportunities. Instead, it will help you develop your relationship with both potential and existing customers.

So that’s exactly how you can Promote your social media channel via email? Here are some great ways to try it out. But first.

Get ready to grow your social network… fast!

If you haven’t done much Promote your social media Before the channel, then you can see that your audience grows really fast. This is great news, but it can also be challenging.

Before As you begin to utilize all of the following, make sure you have the systems and tools to manage the enhanced social media activity. This could mean:

  • Use social monitoring tools to track conversations about your brand (even if people don’t remember to tag you).
  • Bring additional support staff to the board, whether full time or part time.
  • Creating social media content ahead of time, so you have a queue of content ready.
  • Use tools like Buffer to pre-define content so you can post at different times for customers in different time zones (or on different schedules).
  • Streamlining other processes in your business – such as creating a pre-sent checklist for your email campaign.

Once you’re ready to grow, here are six ways you can try:

Method 1: Include your social media links in each email

This may sound basic, but you want to make sure that every email contains a link to your original social media channels. Many companies do this on their email footers, including social media icons. Here’s what it looks like in an email from Michael Hyatt & Company:

If you set up those links months or years before your email marketing listing started:

  • Check that you have included all your roots Social media channel (You may have recently added new ones or changed your strategy).
  • Make sure your social media links are working properly.
  • Consider whether you want to change the design of your social media icons. You may want to mix these with your color scheme, as in the example above, or you may prefer to use a different color.

Method 2: Include a specific call to action related to social media

While it’s always a good idea to include your social media links in your email footer, many people won’t scroll so far… or simply won’t notice the links.

To get attention on your social media channels, you need to include a call to action. Don’t just ask readers to “follow us on Twitter” or “like us on Facebook” – instead, how to clear it They You can benefit by communicating with you on your social media channel.

WPBeginner’s Syed Balkhi does a really good job with the “Free – Ask WPBeginner Anything” section in their daily email updates.

There is an obvious advantage for the reader: they can get the answer to their question completely free. And of course while doing this, they will start an interaction with WPBeginner.

Method 3: Share content from your social media channel via email

Have you created some great content for social media that nobody seems to be interacting with? Then share it with your email list. You can embed the post in your email or, if you wish, take a screenshot to share.

This is a great way Focus on your social media channels. You can encourage your email audience to follow you on social media for more content or link to the post you are sharing and invite them to leave a comment or response.

If your content is going to be complicated to show through a screenshot or an embed, you can shorten it instead. Nicole Avery from Planning with Kids did this in one of her parenting newsletters, linking to an Instagram live session that she did:

In addition to using this method for your own content, you can share social media reviews and shouts from other people in your email newsletter. It shows the positive attention your brand is getting – and helps make people more aware of your social media presence.

Method 4: Offer to feature your email audience on your social media channel

Another way to try is to invite your audience to share their experiences or stories with you for your social media accounts. Here’s how 123-Reg, a domain registration and web hosting company, asked customers to share their stories:

This is a great way to get more user-generated content for your social media channels, as well as a way to build stronger links with your customers. The case studies you create can provide great content for your email newsletters.

Method 5: Run a gift and promote it through your email newsletter

Many companies run online giveaways or raffles Encourage more likes and shares on social media. If this is something you want to try, you can (and should) use email to promote your gift.

Include in your email newsletter only a link to the gift (and of course, details about the grand prize). Here’s how to make elegant themes a WordPress theme company:

You can give people a “ticket” for your gift when they take certain steps, such as:

  • Visit your page on Facebook
  • I’m watching your video on youtube
  • Following you on Instagram
  • Sharing a message on Twitter

… And much more.

Method 6: Include a tweet or share button in your receipt emails

When customers have just bought something, they have a good chance of getting excited about letting their friends know. You can promote your social media accounts in transactional emails as well as in marketing.

Here’s how Patrion does this with their monthly email receipts:

Clicking on the “Tweet About It” button says “Hey World! I’ve just endorsed Adam Kościelak @ At Patreon and you can too! Internet High-Five? Also a link to the Patriot campaign for those you support.

This is a great way to raise awareness with existing supporters about the atPatreon Twitter account – as well as the opportunity to bring in new Patrion members who view the tweet.

It may take time to increase your social media following. But the various methods above allow you to build the existing strength of your email list into your social media audience as well. Why not give them a try this week?

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