Want to Optimize Your Site? Get to Know Your Users

What’s the secret to increasing site traffic, conversions and online revenue? It’s simple: Get to know your site’s visitors and customers. Their online behavior and trends reveal that your site is meeting their needs and should do it for them – and consequently for you. If your digital branch is missing the mark for customers, you need to dig deeper into their activity to determine how you can improve and move the needle to your site’s ROI.

An essential tool for this deep dive is Site Analytics Pro, an advanced analytics application available to Unilever customers who use our eCommerce platform. Site Analytics Pro has features and capabilities that you won’t find with a basic analytics tool. But you can do things with features that will revolutionize the way you view your data so you can better understand and serve your customers.

Are visitors to your site working too hard?

The purpose of an ecommerce site is to offer shoppers a self-service shopping option that offers more convenience and efficiency. But if you force them to navigate your site and work hard to find your products, they will find other online stores to meet their needs. Two factors determine the effectiveness of a website: searchability and usability. Ask yourself if your site ticks all the boxes that make a site functional and accessible:

  • Can customers find your site?
  • Once on your site, can they find the products and content they are looking for?
  • Can they find feature tools to help them?
  • Are your customers able to accomplish what they want?
  • Are they using and continuing to use features like Request-for-Quote (RFQ) and Quick Order Pad?
  • Are they able to easily navigate your site?

In short, are you serving the experience they want? To get answers, you need to look beyond basic metrics like conversion and bounce rates. Site Analytics Pro enables you to see the widest range of a site visitor’s journey and use it to improve the insights that will directly affect your online revenue.

For better insight, go to Pro

Unilever’s Pro Tools pinpoint where viewers dive into the sales funnel, display their cart-to-checkout conversion rate, identify the best and worst performing pages based on their bio-search parameters, show what’s left in their cart, and which channels. Revealing your site is driving maximum visitors and revenue.

Easy to use and customizable, it lets you see how your data is viewed, create different dashboards, create personality categories, behaviors and trends, and compare metrics with other categories and timelines. In short, Site Analytics Pro provides a comprehensive analysis – in a digestible format – so that you can optimize your site to its full potential.

With Site Analytics Pro, you can see customer behavior-based activity through a variety of lenses:

Visitors: Get a complete profile of each visitor, including their location, the type of device they’re using, how many conversions they’ve made to your site, their most used search terms, a list of actions they’ve taken during their visit, and more.

Behavior: See how much time people have spent on your site with each visit and how many pages they have visited during their sessions.

Exit page: Find out which pages have the highest exit rate and what the average page load time is for those pages.

Conversion: Visual reporting identifies the steps your visitors take directly before and after visiting a particular page.

User flow: Take a look at the most popular pages and paths that visitors visit while on your site, and learn from a specific interaction how many of them have moved on to the next step and how many have left.

Acquisition: Discover how visitors to your site come from search engines, an email marketing campaign, social media platforms and much more.

Campaign: Create URLs to track specific campaigns you’ve created to track their impact and publish searches such as how much traffic the campaign is generating and whether the campaign is selling.

Conversion: In addition to tracking and measuring conversion rates, you can see how many visits and how many days it took a user to convert. What various reports reveal is that inspiring conversions and sales provide a basis for pushing people faster through funnels.

Attribution: Multi-channel attribution reporting tracks multiple sources that contribute to a sale, not just recent sources. Alternative attribution models can give you a more refined view of your various traffic sources.

If you want to accurately represent your site visitors and customers, you need to search deeper than conversion rates to fully understand customer journey across each user interaction. The reporting you receive from Site Analytics Pro helps you improve all aspects of your digital branch including metrics related to user experience, page content and site performance that are directly related to revenue. Interested in seeing how Site Analytics Pro works? Contact us today for a complimentary demo.

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