What Are App Icon Badges? Understand This Subtle Engagement Tool

Every day, you probably see something you don’t know on the screen of your smartphone:App icon badge.

In 2021, there were more than 6.6 billion smartphone users worldwide and that number is expected to rise to 7.1 billion by 2024.* For each smartphone, the average user has over 80 apps and spends about three hours a day using them.* Apps are deeply involved in our digital culture, and for that reason, so be it App icon badge.

We’ll take a closer look App icon badge—A kind of notification — and talk about what they are, how they work and how mobile marketers can drive User engagement Through the power of a common red dot.

What is an app icon badge?

Before we talk about what App icon Badge Let’s quickly touch what an app icon is. These are small icons on the screen of your smartphone, usually created from an app’s logo, the icons you click to launch an app.

An app icon badge is a small red dot that appears in the corner of an app icon. Inside the red circle, you will find a number usually printed in white text. This is called badge counting.

These fancy terms describe a common function. The app icon badge tells you that a new notification or message is waiting for you when you open the app, and the badge count tells you how many notifications there are.

Why App icon badge Matters for mobile marketers

Smartphone users get an average of 47 Push notification One day. They also check their phones 63 times a day.

That’s a lot.

People are curious and deeply connected to all things digital and visual. This is probably why it can be surprisingly difficult to ignore something as simple as an app icon badge.

App icon badge An indication to users that there is something important, interesting or stimulating to see if they have launched the app. If you use these badges wisely, you can often remind users to be involved with your brand.

How is App icon badge Used?

Although App icon badge An ubiquitous part Mobile user experienceThese are best used in certain situations and by certain types of apps

Here are a few usage cases where App icon badge Often plays a role:

    • Chat and social applications: New messages have arrived or new interactions have occurred
    • Email: You got the mail! (So ​​many mails)
    • Mobile Games: It’s time for your next player action
  • Video and audio apps: Your upload (or download) is finished

Think of badges as a tool to indicate something your users actively want to know, such as how many emails they’ve received, how many friends have tried to hit their Snapchat, or whether some nubs have lost their high scores.

Way App icon badge Drive customer engagement

App icon badge Fineer than push notifications or audible notifications. Since they are distributed silently and do not appear until users decide to check their phone, users find them useful rather than confusing.

In fact, our curiosity, our desire to know, and our urge to accomplish things are all part of human behavior that makes up App icon badge A valuable customer engagement tool.

1. We cannot resist notification

Neuroscience studies have shown that information is a reward for the human brain.* We are driven by curiosity, and this may explain why we can’t resist finding a new notification key on our smartphones. To us, that red dot in our app icon can be as irresistible to a cat as a red laser pointer dot.

But curious though we may be, there is one thing that many notice ৷ Our data science team discovered that 28% of customers will Uninstall an app If they get too many notifications or ads.

2. We are powered by FOMO

This is especially true for games or social media apps. If a community is involved – and especially if we have friends in that community – FOMO (This is the “fear of disappearing”) Science has discovered a direct link between FOMO and high levels of social media engagement*

An app badge in a mobile game application could mean that someone lost your high score and dropped the virtual gauntlet. In a shopping app, this may mean that we have a new shipping notification Either way, customers might associate with your app if they’re afraid they’re missing out on something good.

3. We are driven to complete things

The average smartphone user taps, swipes or clicks 2,617 times a day, and the top 10% of smartphone users communicate twice as much with their phone.*

Curiosity strengthens that interaction, but it’s also possible that sometimes we don’t like to keep things unfinished and App icon badge Often there is something that we need to pay attention to.

How to use App icon badge: Best Practices for Mobile Marketing

For marketers, there is more power behind you than you can imagine App icon badge. Put something valuable behind that little red dot every time your user clicks, and you’ll build an effective long-term Customer Involvement Strategies.

The following best practices will make your app “sticky” and create meaningful connections between your users and your brand.

1. Remind users to join your app

App icon badge User-friendly because they do not interfere with audible or pop-up notifications. Intelligent marketers use them to remind their users না without bothering them at all যে that something better is waiting for them when they launch the app.

2. Use App icon badge With push notifications

Badging can be your complement Push notification strategy-Two functions often work together. Badges can alert the user to push notifications that are waiting for them As the number of notifications increases, so does the badge counter, which serves as a regular reminder that there is unseen content behind the next tap.

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3. Associate App icon badge With in-app features

Although badges are often associated with push notifications, they don’t have to be

Badges may appear without a concomitant push notification, especially when attached to an in-app feature that will navigate your user to like a message inbox, news feed or in-app event landing page.

4. Keep the number of your badges low

No one wants to think that notifications are “blowing” their phone. While badges are quite unprepared, users may find a lot of pending notifications irresistible, much like having 2,000 unread emails in your inbox.

Of course, how many notifications we tolerate depends on the app. While we may be happy to see a significant badge count in a dating or chat app, double-digit notifications from a budget or banking app can be a source of concern for our finances.

Be empathetic with your users when you create your badge strategy to get a better idea of ​​how many badge notifications can be too much.

Its subtle effects App icon badge

Anyone who has fought to prevent an unread message notification knows how effective badges and badge counters can be. As unobtrusive as they are, badges are hard to ignore.

By basing your thinking on messaging strategies, you can encourage users to stay active and engage with your app, all without words or pop-ups. You can say App icon badge Features of an app that most users don’t think of and few can resist.

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Last updated March 15, 2022

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