What is BIMI? How does it work in email marketing?

Yes, intricate logos next to emails in the inbox. Where and how does it come from and how can you use it?
One strategy is BIMI (brand indicator for message identification), which sounds (pronounced). Bih-mi) So today, we are going to primary school about BIMI which you need to know.

What is BIMI?

Have you ever heard or thought about the BIMI logo? And how they can increase engagement in email marketing campaigns. In this blog post, we have explained the basics of BIMI.

Email is not a one-to-one communication tool. It is the heart of the digital marketer and the essence of a business identity. However, email continues to evolve and we rely on it to further develop the industry. For marketers, this has been a clear focus for email campaigns.

What is BIMI?

The brand indicator for Message Identification or BIMI is an emerging email specification that lets you display your logo in the inbox of customers and prospects.

It strengthens the work of an organization in sending DMARC Security by attaching the brand logo to the customer’s inbox.

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In order to display the brand logo, the email must pass the DMARC authentication test, confirming that the organization’s domain has not been compromised.

BIMI enables you to display your strong logo in a supported inbox, with your brand at the front and center for customers.

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How does BIMI work?

Although technical elements are used to tag logos across mailbox providers, BIMI provisions vary between them.

Google requires proper Gmail and more items such as logo copyright and a VMC (Verified mark certificate) Patent. This will help you through the implementation process.

To perform BIMI for Gmail, you must go through the following conditions:

  • Set up DKIM (Dominic Identified Mail) authentication with your domain for your mail stream
  • A DMARC (Domain-Based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Confirmation) record is set with a policy.
  • Copyright and patent your firm logo
  • Allow verified mark certificate [VMC] For your logo
  • Combine an SVG Tiny PS version of your approved logo
  • Configure and check out the BIMI TXT database in your domain’s DNS
  • Check your setup to see if it works
  • Now your logo can appear in the inbox by following your email

Why is BMI so important for marketers?

Of course, this is beneficial for both the sender and the mailbox provider, especially due to the improved security and safety.
Here are four basic reasons why your brand would like to install BIMI in your business

# 1 It offers behind-the-scenes security and safety updates.

You cannot have BIMI without DMARC execution. DMARC is generally defined as domain-based message authentication, reporting and confirmation (DMARC) is a specific email authentication method. DMARC allows mail administrators to control hackers and other spam attackers from disguising their organizations and domains.

However, if you need to showcase your brand among inbox providers, you may want to make a few behind-the-scenes changes. In the end, you can protect your brand recognition and make sure no one is mocking your domain.

Visual protection and security updates

# 2 This allows customers to stay away from phishing attempts

There is a problem that BIMI Higher trains your customers to capture messages from you, so you are protecting them by using them, which makes it less complicated to perceive messages that are not valid.

Helps customers avoid phishing attempts. This makes it particularly powerful for high-risk firms such as banks, social media platforms and large retailers.

To keep customers away from phishing attempts

# 3 It separates your messages into inboxes

According to BIMI, the ultimate advantage of mail is the brand logo next to the inbox, which enables your messages to stand out, increase engagement and inspire more openness.

Stay out of the crowd

# 4 BIMI will help you build trust between recipients

The initial cost of BIMI for email entrepreneurs should be clear: you will see your logo for your messages in the supported inbox. When customers see your brand logo, they can accept it right now. This is a real email from you and is no longer a risky phishing attempt Of course, looking at the trademark logo focus is nice.

Build trust and relationships with customers


BIMI is valuable for building a reputation for a business. While only a handful of email marketers support it, for now, it’s a compelling, new standard that makes the industry chatting.
Have you ever wondered how BIMI would be a useful feature for email marketers or set its standard in the email industry?

Let us know in the comments!

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