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Why Network Marketers Need Email Marketing

Why Network Marketers Need Email MarketingThis articles digs in to why network marketers need email marketing. As a network marketer, you know your income is tied to how well you refer new distributors and generate sales. Email marketing is perfect for network marketing and this article explains why.

Let’s start with just a bit of basic common sense.

Email marketing is the single most profitable marketing channel. This is based on research conducted by several third party services.

All over the world, people are checking their email several times per day. Chances are, you’ve already checked yours a few times today, right?

All over the world, people are looking for ways to supplement or even replace their job income.

If you are like most people when they get started in network marketing, you’ve already burned through your “friends and family” list. You’ve reached out to old school teachers and that boss you had 20 years ago. And … predictably … not much came from the calls, right?

One of the big reasons why network marketers need email marketing is because email marketing lets you put your information directly in front of people that actually want it … at the time they are looking for it.

And, once you have someone on your team, email marketing can help you communicate with and train your team efficiently.

So, let’s break down the steps required to use email marketing to build your network marketing business.

Step 1: Write some followup letters. These are the letters you would send  to those who have asked for more information about your products, service, or opportunity. We recommend two separate sets of letters: One focused on the opportunity and the other focused on the actual product or service.

Step 2:  Once your followup letters are written, you need a capture page so that interested prospects can request your information. This can be accomplished by creating a capture page, adding capture form code to your website or blog, or integrating with any number of 3rd party capture page services.

Step 3: Once you’ve written your letters and set up your forms, your next step is to drive traffic to your capture page so that people who are looking for information can find you and request the information.

As you begin generating leads, realize that you have begun building an incredibly valuable business asset: Your List. Your followup messages will help you connect with your prospects, building rapport, and helping them learn they can trust you. Think of the whole process as a series of sorting steps.

You drive traffic to sort through to find those interested in your offer.

Your AutoResponder letters sort through those prospects to find out who is ready and right for your offer.

Now It’s Time To Scale

You’ve begun getting new team members. You’re generating sales. What’s next?

Now set up an AutoResponder campaign that shows your new distributors how to get started with the same system you are using to generate leads and drive sales.

Can you see why email marketers need email marketing? When you use email marketing effectively, you can:

Prospect more people in less time.

Follow up with your prospects more efficiently.

Get new team members started quickly.

Send announcements and reminders.

Increase sales and boost the value of each customer.

Continue to build a relationship with each team member while saving time.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to ask!

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