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Why open rate matters

Why open rates are importantDo you have an idea of ​​your open rate for your email marketing campaign? And do you know why open rates are important? If your answer is “no”, then you should, and that’s why we’re going to tell you.

Why open rates matter: Simply put, we need to know how many of our customers are actually opening our messages. In other words, when you send a mailing, what percentage of people do you send that mailing to? Actually open the email?

Depending on your industry, if you see an open rate of around 20% or more, you are experiencing a nice open rate. This surprises many newcomers to email marketing who believe that every message they send will be opened (or should be). But here’s information on why your messages aren’t being opened:

Your message may go to the Spam, Junk or Promotions folder
They may not feel it request. They can delete it, or ‘spam’ it (click “spam it”).
They Maybe Remember to request it, but don’t want it now and so ‘spam’ without opening it
They Never It requested, and so did ‘spam’ without opening it (If you use TrafficWave, this is not a possibility due to our double opt-in system)

Again … the most legitimate email marketers are seeing an open rate of around 20% (give or take) using the best practices.

So here’s why we track the details and why the open rate is important:

If your opening rate is too low, you are losing sales and engagement opportunities.

If your open rate is in the range, then you want to see what you can do for open rate beef.

This is the last important thing, especially if you are in email marketing, or if you otherwise send mass mailing for which you hope to persuade the recipients to take some kind of action: if they do not want to sell what you are doing, you are wasting your time and theirs. , And You are wasting money.

A big reason why open rates are important is:

Inbox provider and ISP track your open rate.

That’s right. Inbox Provider and ISP Monitor your opening rate. And guess what: if your email doesn’t open, you’re going to start moving to the spam folder. The way ISPs and inbox providers view this is: If your recipients don’t want your email, ISPs aren’t going to mess with their inboxes with it.

Inbox providers and ISPs generally want to see a regular opening rate of at least 20% or more to keep your email in the inbox.Otherwise they will start putting your email in the spam folder, and if your opening rate is too low, and too low (in single digits) they may even start rejecting emails from you.

Our Tip: Start Tracking Your Open Rate. If the rate is low, take steps to get it. If you’re in that 20% area, take steps to see if you can get more out of it. Your business will thank you for it.

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